It’s really not as it seems

When exactly is the perfect time to suggest to someone that they should leave their lover? Someone who probably gives her everything, she doesn’t ever have to work a single day in her life, but all that comes with beatings. She seems to have everything in order, everything she ever wanted, but rather a man who beats her up. Do we question whether he really does love her? I mean it goes without saying that physical violence is accompanied by emotional trauma. In this instance he probably doesn’t love her as society would conclude. So why is she still with him?

Now lets look at Lady number 2… Her man is the “perfect gentleman” as society would deem, him. He doesn’t spoil her, doesn’t take her to exotic places on a holiday, not romantic, not poetic, but he’s never laid a hand on her. She feels she has it much better because although this man neglects her feelings, he doesn’t beat her up. So which woman has it better here? Would you tell lady number one to leave her man who beats her up but gives her everything she needs, or lady number 2 who gets nothing but at least her face is still very beautiful?

What happens in this case? My theory is, You have to love someone enough to take all their bullshit, because in all honesty, no one comes free of baggage.

With all that being said; no-one really has this love thing well figured out. You see a couple happily in love, but truth is, you cannot be certain of what really goes on in that affair. We so often envy other people, wishing for that perfect love… Well, that perfect love may come with physical and emotional pain. It’s not always as it seems!!!


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