Heart in Great Turmoil – to my first love

Understanding why we parted ways in the first place

My mind reminding me why I shouldn’t go back

My mind refusing to even think about you

How can I though?

As the salty waters flood my big eyes

As I try to hold them back from flowing

The throat swallowing what seems to be the last of my saliva

Trying to put it all in words just seems so silly

“Why did you fall for him in the first place?”

My mind questions my heart

Swearing at how stupid and weak it is


Aching… Too embarrassed to even look

Too afraid to show any form of emotion – she shudders

As the blood leaks, in the form of tears from this beautiful organ

Asking to be forgiven, promising not to make such a mistake in the future

The mind imploring the heart to shut down any form of feelings

Does the heart ever listen?

Sucker for pain you

Stupid organ you are

Why won’t you just listen


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