No more Mr. Wrong

So I’m sipping on a glass of wine and I find myself listening to Mary J Blige featuring Drake – Mr. Wrong.


How many of us actually stick around with the people we know clearly aren’t good for us. We want to end up with the right one, but still stick around and continue being with the people we know aren’t right for us.

You hold on for dear life, knowing fairly well that you shouldn’t. Your friends tell you that you should let go, but you think they’ve never really experienced love before.

You love him, yet you aren’t really sure why. You want to walk out, but something holds you back. You think you are going crazy, but you continue to hold on. Why exactly are you still there? He hurts you, you make excuses for him; he hurts you, you think it will be better next time.

Has this become your safe haven? I guess sometimes you thinks its better to hold on to that someone, because you wouldn’t wanna be hurt by any other. Probably because you are scared of the future, the unknown. Maybe because you don’t think that someone can love you that way, even though sometimes your mind tells you that he isn’t loving you the way you ought to be loved.

Why do we hold on to the wrong ones? I mean this must be toxic. This must be damaging to you as an individual. You break up, get back together only when he decides. He clearly knows that you will always be around, probably his back-up. For how long?

In all honesty, Memories of the moments we shared; good moments are slowly in my head turning into an avalanche of pain that’s haltingly suffocating me

Where art though euphoria? You elude me. Longing for that gaze into space; that brim. Oh how I want that delectation. Reaching out, imploring you to see me.

I don’t wanna be with my Mr. Wrong anymore… Wait, maybe just one last time!!


5 responses to “No more Mr. Wrong

  1. Ya. U can’t do the same thing and expect different results. Life is a risk . If you risk nothing u lose nothing but u also gain nothing. So u become nothing. Love it

    • Matters of the heart my friend, they aren’t just black and white or a shade of grey. Remember, grey on its own has many shades. Its also quite difficult to tell the heart what to do. You know very well in your head that you shouldn’t, but your heart tells you otherwise. Probably the thought of being without that person hurts more than being with him. But then again, there comes a point where one needs to realise their worth, be conscious to the fact that there is good loving out there. There’s only so much a human being can take

  2. Wow I felt like I was listening to you talking , both of us sipping wine a lil tispy and I get you maybe one last time with him , perhaps he might change howerver a leopard never changes its spot no matter how hard it tries.

    • Hey ntando, thank you for that. Please note that not everything I write here is personal. Like I said on my previous post, it was motivated by a lady I interviewed for my book. So I was sharing her emotion through a poem. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated!

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