Pride… good or bad?

According to my Oxford dictionary, pride is the feeling of respect that you have for yourself. And well, there are many other definitions, however, this one got to me. How often do we let this pride get in the way of something good that “might” happen? You know you are head over heels in love with him, but your pride won’t let you “falter”. You want to pick up that phone to call him; you dial his number, then quickly hang up. You write, then erase that “hello” you wanted to send to him.

You are really afraid of the unknown. Imagine being rejected by someone you dearly love. He’s going to think your soul contains a stink of desperation, right? Well, maybe not.

What’s actually better, being haunted by “what if” and “if only” because of your pride; or rather just taking that chance and finding out; whether it’s the hard way or to your advantage?

Why can’t we apply the same principles we do on our careers to our relationships? Why is it so hard to take that chance? You know how you go for that job interview even though a 100 other people desperately want it? That business idea you have; you are working at it. You took a chance and went to Varsity, regardless of the difficult circumstances you might have faced at the time. You went for a career that you know fairly well doesn’t have many job opportunities. You took that chance anyway. Why can’t you do the same in relationships. You do remember that your job can only support you up to a certain extent, the rest – personal relationships.

Women so often wait for the man to initiate the first move. Well, “traditionally” that’s how it is supposed to be, right? Well, I don’t know…

Pride – this might just cost you a fortune, but at the same time, can just save you from another episode of a heartbreak.

When someone gets the courage to actually take this bold step, please let me know, maybe I might just consider it. But until then; I guess I’ll just wait for a miracle to happen…

Ntando PZ Mbatha