Oath to the one I adore

The meaning of love…
You are its epitome
You are the embodiment of God’s never-ending love
Because of you, I know there is a God out there



I love you…
These three words cannot give justice to my feelings
You’re everything I ever needed
My one
The best

I want you to see yourself through my eyes
Maybe then you will understand how blessed I am.
Because of you:
I love life
I have patience that love demands

I pray that you envisage the whisper of my symphony
I pray that you be cognizant to the degree of my affection
That dwells in the bosom of my soul
Deep down within

This is my veneration to you
This love is unfathomable
Lets make it infallible
When I think of this love
Tears well up in my eyes

I’m happy
I’m at peace
From the very first day, you made me smile
So much compassion in your eyes
I want to live within the warmth of your heart
And call it home
For as long as this life allows…

Ntando PZ Mbatha


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