Battle can only be won together – Us against the world!

Loving you in times when there’s no hope for love
Loving you with this great turmoil that’s taken over the world
Moving through the hatred of the enemies
So I could be yours, and you could be mine
Tears shed, love lost
You and I could get it all back,
Through this symphony they call life


Come closer love
You’ve been gone for too long
Let’s make this work.
So I put you first
I invest my time, my whole soul into this

It’s all in your bright smile
Your dark gums give emphasis to its beauty
It’s in your arms
The strength there, is so welcoming
It’s in your walk
That sophistication brings about bravado
It’s in your being
That prowess is enough for both of us

We’ve won this war
Never mind the battle
It’s always been us against them
We just didn’t realise that we are fit for this
This battle can only be won by us both
A force to be reckoned with

Now Mr…
When will I be called yours?
Let’s not waste any further time
This battle can’t be won with us apart
Forces have to be merged
We are only good together

Come now lover!
A woman can only wait so long…


Ntando PZ Mbatha


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