love vs success

I once spoke with my facebook friends about love and success. I wanted to know whether my friends thought a person could have both at the same time or one should take a back seat while a person prioritized the other. Here’s what they had to say about it. My apology for not giving names of the participants…

1. There is something I was told by a very successful young man I know: “There is a lot of great things that you can achieve by yourself, and that is a given. But a true partner has the power to push you beyond what you think you are capable of”. So it’s not a matter of one of the things taking a back seat. It’s about finding a person that knows what’s important. A person who knows when to provide your ambition with some fire and exactly when to provide the relationship with fire. Finding a person who is there to build something great. Not someone who is there for self gain

2. If you find love then you’ve found what most people search for their entire lives and if success comes your way, together with love, then you have a good life-combo.

3. I think we can have our cake and eat it too. Remember our thoughts govern our altitude. Positive thinking and tons of faith in God can take you far. It’s all about finding the person who understands your philosophy in life, that’s the bottom line. Therefore it is possible to find love and be a billionaire at the same time.

4. I think we need to define what is success. Love, which speaks to happiness, success, joy, etc. is for ourselves first before listening to the world because once we are able to do so, then we allow our own truth to be what it is. We never have enough as humans and yet we need companionship as well. However, I always say that we shouldn’t wish or want what the next person has because in all honesty, how many people are successful materially, but cannot find love because they are often searching for bigger things. Sadly, when God presents that love in front of us, we fail to embrace it because we ourselves don’t know what it is we seek, thus unable to recognise the love presented to us.

What’s your view? Let’s talk!


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