Battle can only be won together – Us against the world!

Loving you in times when there’s no hope for love
Loving you with this great turmoil that’s taken over the world
Moving through the hatred of the enemies
So I could be yours, and you could be mine
Tears shed, love lost
You and I could get it all back,
Through this symphony they call life


Come closer love
You’ve been gone for too long
Let’s make this work.
So I put you first
I invest my time, my whole soul into this

It’s all in your bright smile
Your dark gums give emphasis to its beauty
It’s in your arms
The strength there, is so welcoming
It’s in your walk
That sophistication brings about bravado
It’s in your being
That prowess is enough for both of us

We’ve won this war
Never mind the battle
It’s always been us against them
We just didn’t realise that we are fit for this
This battle can only be won by us both
A force to be reckoned with

Now Mr…
When will I be called yours?
Let’s not waste any further time
This battle can’t be won with us apart
Forces have to be merged
We are only good together

Come now lover!
A woman can only wait so long…


Ntando PZ Mbatha


Oath to the one I adore

The meaning of love…
You are its epitome
You are the embodiment of God’s never-ending love
Because of you, I know there is a God out there



I love you…
These three words cannot give justice to my feelings
You’re everything I ever needed
My one
The best

I want you to see yourself through my eyes
Maybe then you will understand how blessed I am.
Because of you:
I love life
I have patience that love demands

I pray that you envisage the whisper of my symphony
I pray that you be cognizant to the degree of my affection
That dwells in the bosom of my soul
Deep down within

This is my veneration to you
This love is unfathomable
Lets make it infallible
When I think of this love
Tears well up in my eyes

I’m happy
I’m at peace
From the very first day, you made me smile
So much compassion in your eyes
I want to live within the warmth of your heart
And call it home
For as long as this life allows…

Ntando PZ Mbatha

No more Mr. Wrong

So I’m sipping on a glass of wine and I find myself listening to Mary J Blige featuring Drake – Mr. Wrong.


How many of us actually stick around with the people we know clearly aren’t good for us. We want to end up with the right one, but still stick around and continue being with the people we know aren’t right for us.

You hold on for dear life, knowing fairly well that you shouldn’t. Your friends tell you that you should let go, but you think they’ve never really experienced love before.

You love him, yet you aren’t really sure why. You want to walk out, but something holds you back. You think you are going crazy, but you continue to hold on. Why exactly are you still there? He hurts you, you make excuses for him; he hurts you, you think it will be better next time.

Has this become your safe haven? I guess sometimes you thinks its better to hold on to that someone, because you wouldn’t wanna be hurt by any other. Probably because you are scared of the future, the unknown. Maybe because you don’t think that someone can love you that way, even though sometimes your mind tells you that he isn’t loving you the way you ought to be loved.

Why do we hold on to the wrong ones? I mean this must be toxic. This must be damaging to you as an individual. You break up, get back together only when he decides. He clearly knows that you will always be around, probably his back-up. For how long?

In all honesty, Memories of the moments we shared; good moments are slowly in my head turning into an avalanche of pain that’s haltingly suffocating me

Where art though euphoria? You elude me. Longing for that gaze into space; that brim. Oh how I want that delectation. Reaching out, imploring you to see me.

I don’t wanna be with my Mr. Wrong anymore… Wait, maybe just one last time!!

Heart in Great Turmoil – to my first love

Understanding why we parted ways in the first place

My mind reminding me why I shouldn’t go back

My mind refusing to even think about you

How can I though?

As the salty waters flood my big eyes

As I try to hold them back from flowing

The throat swallowing what seems to be the last of my saliva

Trying to put it all in words just seems so silly

“Why did you fall for him in the first place?”

My mind questions my heart

Swearing at how stupid and weak it is


Aching… Too embarrassed to even look

Too afraid to show any form of emotion – she shudders

As the blood leaks, in the form of tears from this beautiful organ

Asking to be forgiven, promising not to make such a mistake in the future

The mind imploring the heart to shut down any form of feelings

Does the heart ever listen?

Sucker for pain you

Stupid organ you are

Why won’t you just listen

It’s really not as it seems

When exactly is the perfect time to suggest to someone┬áthat they should leave their lover? Someone who probably gives her everything, she doesn’t ever have to work a single day in her life, but all that comes with beatings. She seems to have everything in order, everything she ever wanted, but rather a man who beats her up. Do we question whether he really does love her? I mean it goes without saying that physical violence is accompanied by emotional trauma. In this instance he probably doesn’t love her as society would conclude. So why is she still with him?

Now lets look at Lady number 2… Her man is the “perfect gentleman” as society would deem, him. He doesn’t spoil her, doesn’t take her to exotic places on a holiday, not romantic, not poetic, but he’s never laid a hand on her. She feels she has it much better because although this man neglects her feelings, he doesn’t beat her up. So which woman has it better here? Would you tell lady number one to leave her man who beats her up but gives her everything she needs, or lady number 2 who gets nothing but at least her face is still very beautiful?

What happens in this case? My theory is, You have to love someone enough to take all their bullshit, because in all honesty, no one comes free of baggage.

With all that being said; no-one really has this love thing well figured out. You see a couple happily in love, but truth is, you cannot be certain of what really goes on in that affair. We so often envy other people, wishing for that perfect love… Well, that perfect love may come with physical and emotional pain. It’s not always as it seems!!!